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Gloom Trench 1926 class

Welcome to Gloom Trench 1926, a tabletop wargame set in a Great War which never ended.

Advances in experimental sciences—and the weapons they begat—have allowed the British Empire to unleash Hell on Earth. But this is not a hell of fire and brimstone; this is a bleak, sodden apocalypse of endless rain, creeping despair and dense fog. Worse still, that fog is home to nightmarish monsters and hellish demons.

Besieged by this Great Winter, the armies of Europe continue to wage their World War. Their armies hunker in wet trenches. They fight in driving rain. They die in endless mud. Meanwhile their generals and overlords—desperate to escape the dismal shroud of damp and dismay—flee Europe. But there is nowhere to run. The dense fog—and the demons therein—continues to march across the globe. Soon the world will be consumed by the Great Winter and the demons it heralds.

This is the world of Gloom Trench 1926 … and it is a world of pain, of suffering and of madness.

The World

Welcome to the dark, gritty realm of Gloom Trench 1926, where warfare has become a constant and inescapable reality. Since 1914, battles have raged on every front, engulfing the entire globe. The nations of the world now face an even greater peril, thanks to the British Empire's RAM weaponry, which has unleashed the devastating Scourge upon the world. Enter a world where the constant struggle for survival takes center stage and the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

Where to Start?

Well, firstly we would suggest getting to know the general background of the world, then move onto the exploring the backgrounds of the individual factions to get a feeling for whats been going on with them all.

Background Game Models Videos

The World History

Faction Histories

General Background


Digital Sculpts

  • MMF - Digital files for those with printers
  • Core Cults 3D - Digital files for those with printers

Physical Prints

How to Paint

Create Your own Faction

Gloom Trench 1926 is an open world. We have intentionally left areas alone for you to create your own factions. This doesn't mean they aren't touched by the Scourge, it just means we haven't created any background there to give you the space to do so.

Some of these areas cover part of a country (china for example) whilst others cover multiple countries - south America and large areas of Africa for example. As such, you all have somewhere to create your own state in the Gloom Trench world. Maybe it's a warlord in the deepest, darkest corner of Africa, or maybe it's a rogue Colonel with their own Paramilitary force in South America.

The easiest way to do this is to come up with the background to your force and use one of the existing army lists from the official factions. But if you want to go beyond that you can create your own army lists. Gloom Trench 1926 has a army building system that lends itself well to making your own army lists.

Coming Soon: Very soon part of this wiki will be opened where you can add your own factions details and rules, enabling you to become part of the world. Keep an eye out!!